The links placed on this page will take you to another website. I only recommend the links that I personally use and believe they will add value to my readers in helping them in finding God and eternal life.


The Most Important question:


What does God desire?

God's Desire


Bible Search


Gospel Gazette Online


On Line Bible Reference Library

Bible Schools


Bible Lessons  


Bible Class Lessons on worshipping God (24 lessons)  


Bible Class Lessons on Faithful Living for Christ (26 lesson)


Bible Class Lessons “Are You Sure Of Your Salvation?” (25 lessons)


Bible Class Lessons on various subjects

Church Bulletin Articles


How to Do Personal Evangelism


Free Bible Maps


Apologetics Press publishes a monthly journal on Christian evidences, Tracts, and other publications.

Focus Press publishes a monthly “Think” magazine on current Church interests and other education materials


The goal of this web site is to strengthen the church.

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