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Choose Freedom

Choose Freedom

When we choose to forgive we may be required to examine areas of our life that are very sensitive and in some cases may be very difficult for us to consider. Our natural way of dealing with these problems and hurts only result in keeping them constantly before us thus inflaming the situation. When we choose God’s way – His is the only way – we can receive the hope of healing from these intense problems we face. Jesus wasn’t making an idle promise or presenting us with wishful thinking when He said: John 8:32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” When we choose to walk in His truth He is prescribing a pathway – or a journey to freedom if we choose to follow in His instructions. Only those that choose His pathway will find this out.

I would like to present some questions that may cause you to ponder and examine your life and the events that have occurred. Pondering these questions may help you to choose the pathway that our Lord and Savior is talking about in John 8:32.

Is there a person or circumstance that you blamed for the way your life has turned out? How could accepting responsibility for your response to that person or situation set you free?

Is there someone who has wronged you that you’re still trying to make pay for their offenses? How have you tried to extract payment from them? What is holding you back from forgiving that person, releasing them from their debts?

Can you think of a situation where you retaliated or became resentful rather than forgiving someone who hurt you? What were the results? How was your relationship with that person affected? How did your response change you?

The following is the most important question that you can answer. How did it affect your relationship with God?

When all is said and done there is nothing more important than your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

We could conceptualize a conduit (pipe or tube) as being the way in which we have the right relationship with God. After all the target of each Christian is being a righteous individual thus putting us in the right relationship with God.

“All revenge is of the nature of poison, and though we don’t take so much as to put an end to life, yet if we take any at all, it corrupts the whole mass of blood and makes it difficult to be restored to our former health.” – William Law.

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