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Each of us has asked the question: Can I trust God? - We usually ask this question when our life is facing some sort of adversity. I desire to encourage God's children by demonstrating from Scripture that God is in control of our lives, that He does indeed love us, and that He works out all the circumstances of our lives for our ultimate good - for our eternal good.


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Trusting God

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

How is your relationship with Jesus Christ?


You may not be of my religious heritage, but I feel you may be searching to know God. That is encouraging that you’re seeking to consider where you will spend eternity. You may have doubt about Christ. So did I. But I have learned that doubt is a good thing! Without doubt, without questioning the status quo, we would still be living in a state of scientific ignorance and Biblical ignorance. We would still be in a survival mode, living from hand to mouth as nature and brawn were able to provide. Without doubting the status quo, there would be no vaccines, no life-saving surgery, no electrical power, ad infinitum, etc. Advances in knowledge and the misery that knowledge has relieved are incalculable.


But knowledge without wisdom can be a dangerous state of mind! What I do with knowledge is what determines the difference between being smart or foolish. A man who uses his knowledge about atomic energy to do what is good is smart. The one who uses it to harm others is foolish. Learning about God and His Word and using that Word are no different.


How do you learn to distinguish between truth and error? As with science or any other discipline, question all claims! Leave no stone unturned! Your peace of mind here and your wonder about an afterlife can never be satisfied until you discover a religious standard by which all things can be tested. I believe that to be the Christian Bible – as it is written! You may disagree.


Under the Mosaical Law God placed certain requirements for the children of Israel to follow when offering sacrifices. There are many questions that we need to ask:

  • Are there many processes (that God will accept) of becoming a Christian?

  • Or is there only one?

  • Has God placed requirements for us to follow under the New Testament covenant to become a Christian?

  • Are you seeking to know God?

  • Are you seeking eternal life?

  • Do you want to seek salvation God’s way?

I have tried, to the best of my ability, to lay aside all opinions about Jesus Christ and focus on the verifiable facts!


I have placed on my website a document that I feel will answer some or all of the questions that you may have about becoming a Christian. The following document is about a 15 minute read. Time well spent when considering where you will spend eternity.


I challenge you to read this document all it will cost you is about 15 minutes.


If you do, you will have more knowledge about what the Bible is and is not than most of the people in this world. I say this with confidence because most people do not know what the Bible is really about, but only what someone has told them by smooth and flattering speech designed to deceive.


You may address questions to me at: I encourage any comments that you may have both negative and positive.


The Pathway to Becoming a Christian